My Education Treehouse is very simple and easy to understand and use. Once you sign up, you will receive an email from our payment processors: just letting you know to confirm you have signed up, from there all you have to do is go to our website and sign in to officially be logged in.

That's it!

For your own security. Please do not share your Account Password or Credentials with others outside of your subscription, doing so may end up in account termination

My Education Treehouse is Best used on Chrome-Based Windows and Android Devices, which basically means Windows or Android Devices that you can use the Chrome Browser on, and that are primarily Chrome Based. The Firefox Browser will also work well with our service.

After Subscribing, if at anytime down the road you wish to cancel, you may do so by contacting us via email. And we will cancel it seamlessly.

In the case of Reimbursements we do not offer Refunds, unless it is an abnormal circumstance. Since we do have a Free version and also offer free Previews of our paid version, for you to be able to Gage the site.

We expect those who have subscribed to have enough familiarity of our site to know about how/what our site is about.

Thanks! and Enjoy the Site


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